Kevin "Showboat" Jackson


Kevin Jackson
Loyola Marymount University

The Harlem Rockets boast two outstanding basketball comedians, and the entertaining strut of
Kevin "Showboat" Jackson is one that fans will not forget. Jackson, a New York City native, played for Loyola University and is a former high school slam-dunk champion. Before his comedy basketball career with the Rockets, Kevin also toured professionally in Europe.

Coming to the Harlem Rockets as a show dunker, it was only after a couple years that General George Mitchell, founder of the Rockets recognized the comedy talent of Jackson and promptly "drafted" Showboat into the lead comedy role. Other than the occasional dunk, Jackson has never looked back.

Now co-headlining the Harlem Rockets comedy with Dwayne "Swoop" Simpson, Jackson always entertains as the chiding mentor to the impressionable Swoop. Showboat, with his imposing physique and toothy smile, plays the wily veteran, who constantly chatters and good-naturedly nags the referees, opponents, teammates and anyone else within earshot.

Showboat, the center of the Harlem Rockets razzmatazz weave, is also the Rockets' primary trick shot artist, his arsenal including the half court over-the-head shot and the half court hook shot. Along with Simpson, Jackson is responsible for the quality of comedy for the Harlem Rockets.

Jackson seems to always find the spotlight, hence the name Showboat, as he appeared as a child on television's Sesame Street and in later years European commercial ads and the movie, "He Got Game".

Kevin "Showboat" Jackson, the Harlem Rockets' Crown Prince of Comedy, is one of the reasons that the Harlem Rockets' comedy will take you back, and the basketball will send you beyond".

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